TBR, Bookstagram, Backlist…Book Hashtags & Terms Decoded!

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Popular book hashtags used by #Bookstagrammers

Whether you’re a permanent resident of the online bookish community or take a pit stop often, you’ve probably encountered a dictionary’s worth of phrases and acronyms used by readers all around.

The reader community online is like its own distinct world, one that seems to have emerged from a high-fantasy world with characters and a language of its own. Whether you’ve just entered this world (that can sometimes feel intimidating) or you’ve been staying here for a while, we have you got covered.  

Here is a list of commonly used book-related terms decoded for you! 

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Some commonly used acronyms and their meanings:

  • CR (Currently Reading): Refers to the book(s) you’re reading now. 
  • DNF (Did Not Finish): When you stop reading a book at any point before you get to the ending. 
  • MC (Main Character): The protagonist(s) of the book. Also referred using the acronyms FMC (female main character) and MMC (male main character). 
  • RTC (Review To Come): Typically used by reviewers and bloggers to let their audience know that they will post a review soon once they have finished reading a particular book. 
  • POV (Point of View): The perspective from which the book is narratedfirst person, second person or third person. 
  • TW/CW (Trigger Warning/Content Warning): Any books or book-related content like reviews that contain potentially triggering topics are prefaced with these abbreviations.  
  • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour): This term is used as a more specific alternative to identify works by “marginalized” or “minority” authors. As an extension, the term OwnVoices is used to identify books written about BIPOC characters by people belonging to those communities. 

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